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The Birth of Freckled Red Photography

I’m Leanna Frazier; AKA Freckled Red. The little “freckled red head” you see in my logo was based off how I looked as a little girl. Bouncy scarlet curls and porcelain colored skin with “angel kisses” across my nose. What can I say, I was a cute kid.

I am a wife to a very goofy and wonderful man that always keeps me laughing. I am also a mother to the sweetest little dimpled face boy the world has ever seen. I cherish the simple things in life like a warm cup of coffee on the front porch watching the sun come up, goofing off with the family and hikes through the woods breathing in nature. I'm a huge wildflower nerd and even have quite a few of my flower finds tattooed on my arm.



Look at how cute I am!


I began my artistic photo path at the young age of seventeen years old. I was a photographer for our high school year book and was infatuated with having the camera in my hands. I saw everything in pictures and loved pausing moments in time.

Years later the dream of owning my own camera came true. I would chase butterflies in the backyard, hunted the perfect sunset and framed everything I captured. It all started out as a hobby until  I had a couple photographers take me under their wing. They were nice enough to teach me awesome things about the piece of equipment in my hands. I was still “green” when I assisted my first wedding at a castle in Greensboro...yes...a castle. No pressure, right? I got such an adrenaline rush and I was completely hooked. From that moment on, dabbling in the “photo arts” turned into plunging head first.

I've grown to be a very imaginative photographer who loves to escape my “big girl job” aka full time hustle and bustle, by slipping my camera strap around my neck and getting lost in all the beauty around me. When I say beauty, I don't just mean nature and outdoor scenery. Beauty can be found in people, special moments, nature, love, etc. I strive to capture it all, in the most imaginative way possible. I always try to look at the world in a different light...natural or artificial.

The years go by so quickly and I would love to be the one to capture your life’s highlights. Whether he just proposed or you found out you are growing your little family, I would be honored to document your special moments. With over 5 professional years in the field and countless portrait sessions, I am thrilled you're viewing my page and considering me to be your photographer.

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